Brandon Andrew Robinson, Ph.D.

Dr. Brandon Andrew Robinson is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of California, Riverside. Brandon received their PhD in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017. They reside in Hollywood.


The connections between race and sexuality are constant in our lives, however race and sexuality are not often linked together in productive, analytical ways. 

This illuminating book delves into the interrelation of race and sexuality as inseparable elements of our identities and social lives. The authors approach the study of race and sexuality through an interdisciplinary lens, focusing on power, social arrangements and hierarchies, and the production of social difference. Through their analysis, the authors map the historical, discursive, and structural manifestations of race and sexuality, noting the everyday effects that the intersections of these categories have on people's lived experiences. With both US-based and transnational cases, this book presents an empirical grounding for understanding how race and sexuality are mutually constitutive categories. 

Providing a comprehensive overview of racialized sexualities, Race and Sexuality is an essential text for any advanced course on race, sexuality, and intersectionality.


Conditional Families and LGBTQ Youth Homelessness: Gender, Sexuality, Family Instability, and Rejection

Gender Conformity, Perceptions of Shared Power, and Marital Quality in Same- and Different-Sex Marriages

“Personal Preference” as the New Racism: Gay Desire and Racial Cleansing in Cyberspace

Brandon Andrew Robinson, Ph.D.

Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies

University of California, Riverside

900 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92521